A Short Encyclopedia About Vintage Desks

Vintage Desks

Vintage desks are one of the models of table with a flat surface and are equipped with more than one drawer at the bottom or on the sides of the table. The material used to make this type of table is wood, although there is also a table made of steel too. Desk with many drawers as a vintage writing table is often required either by students or office workers because it can provide storage space for their stuff.

Desk For School Kids

Assorted vintage table is made by adjusting the consumer and work style or theme. Table for school children have certain different side table compared with table for industrial workers. The desk for school children in houses has the front side which is usually attached with addition rack. When you sit in front of the table, there are additional features that can be used for displaying personal items such as photos, alarm clock, etc. Meanwhile, stuck under the table there could be additional drawers for storing personal documents, etc.

Desk For Industrial Workers

Unlike the desks for school children, vintage desks for a worker is made in simple surface and sometimes no additional features such as work desk drawer at the top because it usually only as a placed for PC so it will be more comfortable while typing, etc. However, there is a desk for work space designed with intricate designs as well. Sometimes it is added a hidden shelf used to store highly confidential as like the presidential table in the film National Treasure. Of course, table like this has a high price because it is designed exclusively for important people like Mr. President.

In addition to be placed in a child’s bedroom or private work space, vintage desks which has a narrow width size is also not bad to be placed in another room such as the corner of the living room. Instead of letting the corner of the room is empty and looks flat, it would be better put the desk in corner. Then you can put family photos and a glass vase or award cup on the table. You can store the family’s valuable thing like photo albums in a drawer underneath.

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